Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the sole purpose of your business?
A1: Our #1 priority is children. Gold Bear provides Rideshare transportation for children ages 4-17; our goal is to do it in an is safe, affordable and positive manner.

Q2: Do I have the flexibility of changing my child's destination schedule?
A2: Routes are made according to seats reserved and must be prearranged. Schedule changes need to be called in.

Q3: Do you provide last minute services?
A3: Yes, only in the event it does not conflict with our current schedule.

Q4: What happens if my child has an emergency and needs to be picked up early?
A4: In the event a child has a non-life threatening emergency, we will pick up your child and take him/her to the destination of your choice as scheduling permits. We can not pick-up children if they are sick for the health of all riders. 

Q5: What if I need to cancel a pickup?
A5: All cancellations must be requested and confirmed 8 hours prior to the scheduled time, otherwise you will be charged for the ride or docked a ride from your package. Parents must log into their account (Gold Bear mobile iPhone App), call 856-234-7577 or email.

Q6: Is there a specific order in which children will arrive to their destination?
A6: Routes will be mapped according to destination drop-off locations and times.

Q7: Do I need to inform a business or institution of anything?
A7: Yes, authorization must be given to allow pickup. We provide a Permission Form for you to fill out. Please also let us know where we should pick-up your child (car-line, bus area, office, front entrance etc).

Q8: What can children do while riding on the shuttle?
A8: There can be multiple children on a shuttle route, if they choose they can chat, make new friends, do their homework or just relax.

Q9: Do you wait until a child is inside or received by an adult?
A9: Yes, upon reaching each destination the driver will wait until they safely enter a building or are in the care of adult supervision. The child will need to give the “thumbs up” at which point the driver will acknowledge and drive to the next stop.

Q10: How will my child know what vehicle to get in?
A10: Gold Bear vehicles are luxury shuttles with our branding wrapped on them. There is no mistaking our shuttles. Drivers also have a list and can view uploaded photo of each children riding in the vehicle for each trip.

Q11: How will I know the vehicle has arrived?
A11: Parents or caregivers will get text alerts, when shuttle is on it's way and when the child is on the shuttle and at the end of the trip. Shuttles have a wait time, for pick-up/drop-off of 5 minutes to insure ride promptness for all scheduled rides. 

Q12: Is food allowed on the shuttle?
A12: In order to maintain the cleanest vehicles, we ONLY allow WATER. No food or drink please. 

Q13: How do Ride Packages work?
A13: Purchase a package based on the mileage calculated door-to-door (5 mile package or Up to 10 mile) Figure how many rides you'll need for each week, remembering One-way= (1 ride) Round trip= (2 rides). Use rides for whatever your transportation needs are, MWF, Tues./Thurs. whatever works for you! Book thru the app for the days you need, the system will deduct as the rides are used. 
Ride Packages expire after 1 year and are Non-refundable.